We harness the strength of our global network

CoShield Sanitation Stations began in Alès, France, where two entrepreneurial brothers got together in the workshop and created a patented sanitiser station which was entirely mechanical, meeting high qualifications and, most of all, hands-free to shield people from contamination.

France being known for revolutions, this certainly wasn’t a bad place to start.

Today CoShield is a team of highly experienced global consultants with one goal in mind - providing tested high-quality prevention, protection and monitoring solutions to our clients.
You will find CoShield consultants in New Jersey, Vancouver, Buenos Aires, Warwick, Vienne, Sydney, Melbourne and Palmerston North, to name a few.

Hosting a reliable supply chain and global business network, our professional team has a global presence coupled with local knowledge. We believe that this is a powerful combination.
The team that sets CoShield apart works in a flexible and agile ecosystem which quickly adapts to meet market demand, working through unique access to group buying consortiums and global transport networks and business ambassador support.


Quality standards mean that CoShield can offer approved, certified protection, prevention and monitoring solutions. All of us have a social responsibility and CoShield is the answer to shield your business from any unnecessary risk. We envisage that the CoShield brand will become a symbol of wellbeing and social responsibility, we need to protect our people in the workplace because people are our most important asset.


CoShield is a trusted local, regional business and manufacturing partners and supporting those in need. We are generating business and employment for businesses in regions doing it tough. Through procurement and coordination, we are empowering teams globally to take trusted protection and prevention solutions to local markets.

CoShield works around a principle of sustainable and socially responsible development. We also support initiatives that provide funds for education and youth programs, disaster relief and charity.


CoShield Vision

We harness the strength of our global network to provide solutions that our customers can depend on; to protect the wellbeing of all communities and ultimately save lives.

CoShield Mission

To provide a brand of trusted protection solutions, through our global network.